Infrared heater Ballu BIH-AP4-B 1,0 kw IP54

Infrared heater Ballu BIH-AP4-B 1,0 kw IP54

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Infrared heaters BALLU BIH-AP4

Description of the series

New infrared heaters BALLU BIH-AP4 - the most compact modern economical heating devices for directional heating. They are indispensable for local heating of working areas in rooms with high ceilings or poor thermal insulation, where the use of traditional methods of heating is ineffective. The possibility of local installation above the place where people are located, ensures the economy of energy consumption. All BALLU BIH-APL models come bundled with universal brackets, which allows easy and quick installation of heaters to the ceiling, wall, cable, or even threaded spiers! A qualitatively new approach to creating comfortable conditions is possible through the use of BALLU infrared heaters. They have become very popular in recent years due to their high energy efficiency, safety and unique advantages over other types of heaters.

Like the sun, they emit thermal energy in the infrared spectrum. Heat is practically not absorbed by the air and without loss reaches the heated surfaces, which, in turn, heat the air. This creates a mild microclimate in the room and contributes to a more economical power consumption.

For example:

If it is necessary to maintain 21 ° C indoors, the heater will quickly heat the floor surface to this temperature and the person will already be comfortable, the standard heater will keep the set temperature in the area of the human head, while in the legs area the temperature will be about 15 ° C, accordingly, the person will feel that he is cold and will raise the temperature until his legs feel comfortable. Due to this infrared heater allows you to keep the temperature in the room at 3-4 ° C lower than the usual source of heating, which leads to significant energy savings.


Main: main and additional heating of rooms, local heating of working areas in rooms.

Additional: cleaning surfaces from ice and snow and maintaining them in this state, heating and drying materials.

Distinctive features

- Enclosure form patented

- Possibility of local application

- High energy efficiency

- Does not burn oxygen and does not create a burning smell

- Ceiling installation keeps the working area free.

- Durable radiating panels with anodizing 25 microns, provide high efficiency throughout the life of the device

- Universal brackets included !;

- The most compact panel heaters IH

- The ability to connect to the thermostat

- Polished Stainless Steel Side Pads

- The upgraded shape of the housing visually reduces the depth of the device (only the front panel is visible)

3 year warranty

Size (HxWxD) mm - 40x1300x130

Weight - 3,2 kg

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