Outdoor Gas Heater BALLU BOGH-15E with remote controler

Outdoor Gas Heater BALLU BOGH-15E with remote controler

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BOGH-15 is an innovative device for heating and lighting open areas.

It warms illuminates, carries warmth and comfort - living fire enclosed in a flask of high-quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass attracts visitors to cafes and restaurants. Often it is a decoration of entrance groups of fashionable establishments and night clubs, restaurants, hotels and rest houses, office and shopping centers. Hospitable residents of private country houses and cottages will also appreciate the high level of comfort obtained from gas outdoor infrared fireplaces Ballu BOGH-15 by placing them in the open-air gazebos and in open-air home parties zones - barbecues and barbecues, birthdays and anniversaries, other holidays and events will become even warmer and friendlier with Ballu Heaters.

Unique feature of heater BALLU BOGH-15 is that starting, adjusting the flame height and shutting down can be done either manually - on the control unit located directly on the device, or using the remote control included with the product (for model BOGH-15E). Remote control allows you to turn on, turn off, and adjust the height of the flame simultaneously or separately for several devices BOGH-15.

The outdoor heater is made of corrosion-resistant alloyed stainless steel and protected from precipitation from above with a tetrahedral reflector with a surface area of 0.5 m². A multi-level protection system is responsible for the safety of operation. The tilt sensor turns off the flame when the gas heater is tilted more than 45 °, the thermoelectric sensor and the solenoid valve immediately stop the gas supply in critical situations such as flame attenuation or gas leakage. Due to the built-in wheelbase, the heater can be freely and safely moved on any surface.

In addition to its main function, Ballu Flame Outdoor Gas Heater can be also used as a carrier of outdoor advertising and informational messages. For their placement, a slate magnetic surface is provided, which is mounted on the lower part of the body (accessory).


  • High-quality comfortable heating and spectacular outdoor lighting all year round:
  • On summer terraces, open areas in cafes, restaurants, hotels
  • In recreation centers, in the open air
  • Organizing events in open areas in parks, near the water, in the mountains;
  • Outside the city: townhouses, country houses, cottages.

Distinctive features

  • Unique modernized burner (developed by the Institute of Mechanics of the RAS) has high strength and resistant to corrosion
  • The unique design of the afterburner ensures 100% combustion of the fuel mixture, which allows to protect nature from the release of harmful impurities and maximize the use of thermal energy of the heater
  • The Japanese thermal glass flask with enhanced heat transfer characteristics, resistant to high temperature differential and precipitation
  • Efficiency of the device is achieved due to the adjustable gas flow rate of 300-970 g / hour
  • Mobile: 3 hidden chassis with stops included
  • Brand pressure reducer and flexible hose included
  • The internal space allows to accommodate and secure the gas cylinder with a capacity of up to 27
  • Maximum heat output-13 kw

Product weight and dimensions

Product weight (net) 40 kg

Product height 2.41 m

Overall dimensions of the goods (H * W * D) 2.41 * 0.609 * 0.609 m

Depth of the goods 0.609 m

Product width 0.609 m

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