Fan heater Electrolux EFH/S-1125

Fan heater Electrolux EFH/S-1125

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The Electrolux EFH / S-1125 fan heater belongs to the author's Prime series.The devices of this series are distinguished by a unique patented Ergonomic design and ultra-compact dimensions.

An important feature of the Electrolux fan heaters line is their high environmental friendliness - all Electrolux fan heaters from the PRIME series are made of environmentally friendly and safe materials that do not harm human health and the environment. Built-in overheating protection and high-quality materials used in the production of PRIME series fan heaters ensure absolute safety during operation.

Fan heater Electrolux EFH / S-1125 in the interior


The unique design of the Electrolux PRIME series fan heaters was developed as a result of research and research in the field of mobile heating technology. New fan heaters have the following advantages:

The casing of the fan heater is made in a special aerodynamic shape, which increases the speed of warm air propagation over the entire area of ​​the room.

Ergonomic regulators of heating power and thermostat on the fan heater case are made using the unique SoftTouch technology, making the control as pleasant as possible.

For the production of the case of the fan heater, shock-resistant and heat-resistant plastic is used, which increases the service life of the device, as well as protects it from thermal deformation.

Distinctive features

The author's corpus ERGONOMIC is the embodiment of style and high technology

Bright unique design

Ultra-compact size

High quality ECO materials

Soft Touch Knob Covers

Quiet operation thanks to three-blade metal fan

Functional features

Three operating modes

Two heating power modes: full mode and half power mode

Ventilation mode

Built-in thermostat

Highly reliable heating element provides instant room heating

Overheating protection sensor

Modes of operation

Fan heater Electrolux EFH / S-1125 can operate in three modes:

"Ventilation" mode - blowing the room without heating function

Warm air supply mode - heating power 750 W

Hot air supply mode - heating power 1500 W


The fan heater is installed on a flat horizontal surface (most often on the floor) at a sufficient distance from walls and other objects and is connected to the electrical network using an electric cable and euro plug included in the delivery set.

It is not recommended to place the device in the corners of the room, near the ceiling, or directly under the mains socket.


The EFH / S-1125 fan heater is widely used both in residential and office premises and in other places where fast and efficient heating is required (for example, in workshops, trade pavilions, shops, greenhouses, garages, etc.).

Caring for the device

Caring for a fan heater does not require special skills and a lot of time. It is enough to wipe the body of the device with a dry or damp cloth as it gets dirty, and clean the air intake and exhaust grilles from dust accumulated in them with a vacuum cleaner. Before starting cleaning, the fan heater must be disconnected from the power supply and allowed to cool down.

It is not recommended to use abrasive cleaning powders, organic solvents and chemicals for maintenance.

Quality assurance

Modern technologies and the latest developments of Electrolux guarantee high quality and reliable operation of electric fan heaters. A distinctive feature of the entire production cycle of Electrolux is multi-stage quality control at each stage of production.

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