About Us

The main activity of KTS Baltic OÜ is the import and wholesale of air conditioning, climatic, heating equipment and sanitary products.
NB!! Sale is possible only to contractual customers, shops.

KTS Baltic OÜ is a wholesale distributor of well-known manufacturers:

Electrolux - climate technology (humidifiers, purifiers, dehumidifiers, bathroom fans, electric underfloor heating, heating equipment)
Ballu - heating appliances
Royal Thermo - bimetal central heating radiators
Konveka - trench heaters, convectors
Aquaphor - water filtration systems
Terminus - water and electric heated towel rails
AUX, Cooper&Hunter - air-to-air heat pumps
Daikin, Midea - air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps

The Swedish concern AB Electrolux is the world's largest manufacturer of household appliances and professional equipment.
Electrolux is a market leader in household appliances in Europe and the third largest market player in this field in the U.S. The company's turnover exceeds €14 billion per year.
For decades, the impeccable quality was the main ingredient of success of Electrolux products. Everything that concern produces submits to the principle formulated at the dawn of its history: the difference in prices of Electrolux products is due to availability or lack of additional functions, rather than the difference in the quality of goods. This explains the stable and deserved popularity of Electrolux with its customers worldwide.

Aquaphor International OÜ is an Estonian company with subsidiaries in various EU countries, the UK and Israel.
Products sold by Aquaphor International OÜ are manufactured in Estonia.
Aquaphor is the largest manufacturer of fiber sorbents on the European continent used in the production of water filters.
The company's suppliers are leading companies from such countries as Germany, USA, Japan, Finland and England.
All key technologies are the intellectual property of Aquaphor. The company has 130 patents worldwide in its history and continues to add more.

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