Infrared heater Ballu BIH-T - 3,0kW

Infrared heater Ballu BIH-T - 3,0kW

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Infrared Heater Ballu BIH-T

Powerful infrared heaters for direct heating in all conditions.

Like the sun, they emit thermal energy in the infrared spectrum. Heat is practically not absorbed by the air and without loss reaches the heated surfaces, which, in turn, heat the air. This creates a mild microclimate in the room and contributes to a more economical power consumption.

Special features

- The possibility of mounting at an angle to the horizon makes the operation of the device as comfortable and versatile as possible.

- Effective even at low temperatures and in the wind!

- Reliable heating elements in a cover from stainless steel increase device service life.

- Protective grill prevents accidental touching of the heating element

- The reflector from heat-resistant mirror stainless steel does not darken over time, is most effective throughout all service life!


Industrial and warehouse premises, workshops, hangars, garages, exhibition and sports halls, open spaces, construction sites, rooms with high ceilings and poor thermal insulation. In technological processes of heating and drying materials.

Distinctive features

- Powerful directional heating in all conditions;

- Retain high efficiency even in the wind and at low temperatures;

- Ceiling installation preserves the freedom of the working area and eliminates the possibility of burns;

- The possibility of local use;

- High efficiency electricity consumption.

2 year warranty

Size (HxWxD) mm - 45x935x305

Weight - 5.0 kg

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