Air curtain Ballu BHC-L10-S06 (BRC-E)

Air curtain Ballu BHC-L10-S06 (BRC-E)

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Thermal curtains for openings (doors, gates, windows) are an energy-saving element of building heating and ventilation systems.


Air heat curtains BALLU S2 series create a high-speed air flow that divides the environment inside and outside the room into two temperature zones, which maintains a comfortable temperature in the room and at the same time saves energy.

Scope of application

They are installed over the doors of shops, offices, public and residential premises, checkpoints, vestibules, over the windows of goods issue of pavilions, kiosks, fast food outlets, gas stations, etc.

Operating principle

After switching on, the curtain will form a powerful dense air flow, which protects the room from the ingress of cold (hot in summer) air.

Model selection

For the correct selection of an air heat curtain, you need to know:

Opening height, Opening width.

Based on these parameters, an optimal curtain in terms of power and dimensions is selected.

If it is possible to connect to a water heat carrier, then it is more efficient to use a water curtain, since a kilowatt of heat obtained due to water heating is much cheaper than due to electric heating.


  • Innovative noise suppression system "Silencegate";
  • Effective shock-absorbing dampers exclude rigid contact of ventilation units with the casing and reduce the noise level;
  • The location of the perforations in the upper part of the curtain body changes the vector of noise propagation, directing it to the ceiling, and not to passing people;
  • Stitch elements provide fast heating and high temperature differences;
  • The compact form of the body makes the curtain unobtrusive in the interior of the room;
  • Convenient and aesthetic connection to the terminals inside the housing (the 3 kW model has power cord with plug);
  • Anti-corrosion treatment and durable polymer coating of the body;
  • Built-in thermostat for overheating protection;
  • Cold operation to protect against heat, dust and insects in the summer;
  • Two levels of heating power.

Benefits of the BRC:

  • BRC (Ballu Remote Control) is a new modern electronic control panel.
  • Temperature setting range + 5 ... + 30 ° С;
  • Thermostat accuracy - 0.5 ° С;
  • Switching current - 10 A;
  • LED indication of operating modes;
  • Built-in delay for turning off the motors;
  • Possibility to connect several curtains to one control panel;
  • Possibility of connecting an external temperature sensor and a limit switch;


  • Basic - BALLU Brand
  • Warranty period - 24 months
  • Country of origin - RUSSIA
  • Body color - White


  • Noise level at a distance of 5m - 52 dB


  • Max. power consumption - 6 kW
  • Max. productivity - 700 m3 / hour
  • Heating power stages - 0.00 kW, 3.00 kW, 6.00 kW
  • Air heating (delta temperature) - 26 ° С

Modes and functions

  • The number of heating modes - 3
  • Cold mode - Yes

Protection and safety

  • Dust and moisture protection class - IP20
  • Overheating protection - Yes


  • Heating element type - Stich (needle shape)


  • Placement Option - Horizontal
  • Power supply voltage - 220.0 V
  • Max. effective installation height - 2.5 m

Electrical connection

  • Cable gland on housing

Product weight and dimensions

  • Product weight (net) - 8.4 kg
  • Product height - 0.15 m
  • Overall dimensions of the product (H * W * D) - 0.15 * 1.09 * 0.155 m
  • Depth of goods - 0.155 m
  • Width of goods - 1.09 m


  • Fastener Kit Included - No
  • Remote control included - Yes


  • Control type - Electronic
  • Temperature setting accuracy - 0.5 ° С
  • Heating temperature control - Yes (electronic controller)
  • Fan speed control - No


  • Power on indication - Yes

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