Gas Fan Heaters Ballu BHG-40

Gas Fan Heaters Ballu BHG-40

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Gas Ballu BHG-40 is an irreplaceable assistant in fast directional local heating of premises, as well as in drying. Able to work with an effective capacity of 720 m³ / hour and an adjustable heat output from 10.5 to 33 kW. The device is resistant to temperature changes. Compact dimensions provide ease of use, transportation and storage. Multilevel safety automatics guarantee maximum safety. The mobility of the device ensures convenient operation and transportation. The specially coated casing guarantees the heat gun protection against corrosion.


  • Fast space heating
  • Zone heating
  • Drying

Distinctive features

  • Powerful directional hot air flow
  • High level of efficiency, close to 100%
  • Smokeless combustion of fuel
  • Convenient and reliable piezo ignition
  • Smooth power control 70-100%
  • Galvanized steel combustion chamber
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Reinforced gas hose 2m with pressure reducer included
  • Durable anti-corrosion housing
  • Safety thermocouple
  • Bimetal fuse
  • Automatic cut-off of gas supply in case of power failure
  • When the causes of the safety system actuation are eliminated, automatic gas supply is not performed
  • A heat-resistant steel shutter with fine holes (1mm diameter) prevents ignition inside the burner under reduced gas pressure

2 year warranty

Gas consumption: 33kw-1.1-3.3 kg / h

Size (HxWxD) m - 0.335x0.595x0.22

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