Convectors SC 20-18-

Convectors SC 20-18-

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Classic that never goes out of style
SC convectors with natural convection are primarily intended for rooms with large windows. Wall-mounted models SC-W are ideal for windows with lower sills. The classic design and a wide range of colors allow you to adapt the SC to any interior style, while the low casing doesn’t block the view out of the window. The SC casing does not have any sharp
corners or edges and is therefore practically safe. Due to its high thermal output, the SC can be used as a main indoor heating appliance. By spreading heat to the top, the device creates a warm air curtain, which prevents the cold from entering the room. Although the SC convectors are often installed in front of large windows, due to the cool casings they do not expose any heat outside, keeping the warm air in the room. Easy-to-remove casing allows quick cleaning of the device interior, while the design of the legs makes it possible to effectively clean the floor around the device.

Do not heat water into the heating system, heat the room! Convectors contain very low volume of water so it heats up and cools down very fast. This feature allows to keep room temperature more accurate than any other heating appliance. This protects from overheating of the room – excess energy is not being used. Heating system with convectors contains significant lower amount of water – it is not necessary to heat redundant amount of water to transfer heat to the room.

Convectors do not transmit any infrared radiation; they use another way of heat transfer – convection: method of direct heat transfer to ambient air. That‘s why the heat
is more natural and comfortable.

It is not possible to burn your skin while touching standing convector, even whenthe maximum heat output is reached, the casing of standing convectors will never reach more then 40°C. It is very important for premises with small children. All corners of the top of standing convectorsare rounded, this helps to avoid any injuries or damages.

Enjoy the view through your windows! Standing convector will not obstruct any view (height of the standing convectors starts from 14,5 cm). Convectors design and variety of colors will fit majority of the interior designs.

The construction of standing convectors is designed for easy installation. It will take
only 15-20 min, for professional installer to install standing convector. Standard valves and fittings can be used for connecting convector to heating system; they can be
purchased in a local heating equipment shop.

Housing of standing convector contains no sharp edges and all outer surfaces are easily accessible for cleaning.
Heat exchanger can be cleaned very easily – only 4 bolts have to be released and the top housing removed. Then heat exchanger can be vacuum cleaned from all sides.

• Scope of application: for indoor heating
• Fast achievement and precise maintaining of the desired temperature
• Good compatibility with all heating sources
• Extremely resistant and aesthetic powder coating
• All fasteners required for mounting are included in the standard kit

Powder coated steel body - 1 pc.
Supporting brackets - 2-3 pcs.
Copper - aluminium heat exchanger - 1 kit
Fasteners - 1 pc
Installation manual - 1 pc
Cardboard package - 1pc