Bimetal radiator BiLiner 500/6 ribs

Bimetal radiator BiLiner 500/6 ribs

Brand:Royal Thermo
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Bimetal design radiator with side connection for all heating systems.

Country of manufacture: Russia

Factory warranty 25 years.

The unique aerodynamic design, reminiscent of an airplane wing, increases the heat dissipation of each section. The lower ends of the fins are located in an arc, so cold air is effectively taken from the unheated layers of the room. Heat transfer of each section - 112 W at ΔT 50 °С

Features of Royal Thermo BiLiner:

• The coolant circulates only through the steel collector - there is no contact between the coolant and aluminum


The use of an all-steel embedded element made of grade 20 carbon steel, which is characterized by increased corrosion resistance and operational reliability. Guarantees reliable operation in systems subject to water hammer and with chemically aggressive coolants (including antifreezes).

• Dust does not accumulate on the wall behind the radiator

• WR-welding (resistance welding) - there are no constrictions at the welding site, 100% coolant permeability is ensured

• The largest diameter of the steel manifold with a round section is 18 mm

• Increased power, POWERSHIFT technology - additional ribs on the vertical collector increase the heat transfer of the radiator by 5%.

• Recommended for central heating systems with super-aggressive coolant

• Maximum heating of the room due to ideal convection

• Revolutionary aerodynamic design

• Oxsilan® 9807 - a new generation of environmentally friendly coating without heavy metals and phosphates

Oxsilan® 9807 is applied to the radiator section prior to painting and improves the corrosion resistance and durability of radiators by improving paint adhesion.

• Ultra-resistant 7-stage NANO-painting TECNOFIRMA®

Application of environmentally friendly nano-paints AkzoNobel (Netherlands) and FreiLacke (Germany) in seven stages guarantees resistance to mechanical damage and ensures the durability of the radiator coating in rooms with high humidity.

• Color options COLORPLUS

Biliner 500 radiator: three colors of Bianco Traffico - white, Silver Satin - matte silver and Noir Sable - matte black, from the design palette of FUTURA AKZONOBEL (Netherlands) allow you to create an absolutely unique radiator.

NB! Biliner 350 radiator: only Bianco Traffico - white.

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