Fan heaters Ballu BHP-PE2-2kw

Fan heaters Ballu BHP-PE2-2kw

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Electric fan heaters Ballu BHP-PE-2

Product description

Electric heat gun Ballu BHP-PE-2 with a capacity of 2 kW is designed for objects under construction, repair, and premises up to 25 m². Ideal for directional heating and drying surfaces in hangars, warehouses, bases, garages, production workshops. Thanks to rubber nozzles on legs does not scratch a surface. It has two power modes and ventilation mode without heating. You can choose a heat gun at the most attractive price based on reviews in the official Ballu online store.

PE Ballu fan heaters are compact and lightweight heaters with directional heating in a circular casing. The fan heater is made in stainless steel, with adjustable angle.

The model range of Ballu Prorab round heaters is represented by models with a capacity from 2 to 5 kW.

Due to the universal stand, fan heater can be easily moved and installed.

As a heating element used TEHs (tubular electric heaters) from stainless steel. The housing is specially treated to prevent corrosion. Fan heaters have modes of protection against overheating and against electric shock.


Objects and premises under construction in the process of repair, production workshops, hangars, warehouses, bases, workshops and utility rooms, garages, pavilions, etc.

Distinctive features

- Small size and light weight;

- Industrial dust and moisture-proof fan, made with consideration of the peculiarities of the Russian operation;

- Internal heat shield that reduces the temperature of the case;

- Anti-vandal wear-resistant coating supports;

- Comfortable ergonomic handle for carrying;

- Built-in thermostat to protect against overheating;

- Two steps of power and ventilation mode without heating.

Electrical fan heater 2 kW

- heating area 25 sq.m

- maximum air exchange 230 cubic meters / h

- voltage 220/230 V

- mechanical control

- safety features: overheating shutdown

- dimensions 24.5x31.5x25 cm

- weight 3.4 kg