Radiator Electrolux Air Gate Digital Inverter -1800EU

Radiator Electrolux Air Gate Digital Inverter -1800EU

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An electric convector with an inverter control unit consumes 70% less energy than a similar electric convector with a mechanical control unit, and 40% less than a convector with a conventional electronic control unit.

The technology allows you to automatically change the power of the heating element depending on the temperature difference - the actual temperature in the room and the one set by the user.

The convector measures the temperature every 10 seconds and selects the optimum power.

Air filtration AIR GATE BIO:

1. Filter with biologically active vitamin C

2. Charcoal filter (kills odors, including tobacco)

3. Catechin filter (also kills odors and bacteria)

4. Anti-static filter with antiseptic effect (against dust)

• Hedgehog, a state-of-the-art monolithic heating element made of a special alloy. Together with the original shape, this allowed the manufacturer to increase the heat transfer of the device and the heating rate by 20%. At the same time, the body temperature dropped by 15% - the room heats up quickly, but in a soft mode. Service life 25 years.

• Symmetrical heating of the convection chamber. (Uniform heating of the room and the absence of overheating of the internal elements of the case).

• Aerodynamic system Intelligent Air Dynamic increases the directional convective flow by 37%, which provides the fastest heating of the room.

• Indoor: 1500 W up to 20m2, 1800 W up to 25m2, 2200 W up to 30m2

• Includes wall mount and floor mount chassis

Dimensions AGI-1500 EU: 560x404x91 mm

Dimensions AGI-1800 EU: 640x404x91 mm

Dimensions AGI-2200 EU: 800x404x91 mm

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