Radiator Electrolux Air Heat 2-1500E

Radiator Electrolux Air Heat 2-1500E

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Convective infrared heaters Air Heat 2

20% more powerful with Anodic Coat

Elux has created an updated version of the convector, which combines two types of heating at the same time - convective and infrared. AH stands for aerodynamic design, versatility and high speed. Reliable and effective even in rooms with high ceilings and poor thermal insulation.

Combined heating method

Working on the principle of infrared heating, the device raises the air temperature due to the radiation of thermal energy. With convective heating, warm air is evenly distributed throughout the room. The main advantage of infrared heating is that all the energy from the appliance reaches the heated surfaces. Thus, there is a rational distribution of heat, which creates a mild and comfortable microclimate in the room, without additional energy consumption.

Two heating elements

In the AH series, the combined heating system Y-D of 2 heating elements with a large heat transfer surface is implemented, which increases the heating rate by 15% * compared to similar solutions. The high-tech coating of the AC heating element amplifies the infrared power, extending the range by up to 20% *. The service life of the heating element is 25 years.

Intelligent control

The model is equipped with an electronic control unit that displays the set and actual room temperature, as well as all operating modes: full and half power, timer, comfort mode, parental control and an anti-freeze function, in which a high-precision electronic thermostat will automatically turn on the heating of the device if the temperature in the room will drop below +5 ° С.


Thanks to the special chassis, the convector can be easily moved and installed on any floor coverings. The kit also includes a wall mount bracket.

Electronic control Easy Push

Easy and intuitive controls. Stores personal temperature settings of users in memory.

Instant heating

A system of two Y heating elements that increases the heat transfer surface and provides instant heating.

* Results are based on factory laboratory test data.

Increased heating comfort

Radiation of thermal energy in the infrared spectrum promotes heat absorption

surrounding objects. Reflected heat from objects begins to warm up the air. Thus, you will feel an even warmth in the area of ​​the room where the convector is installed.


Combined heating system: eco-friendly infrared heating and directional convective flow

System of two heating elements Y-DUOS

Double heating power: full and half

Electronic control unit Easy Push

Electronic control unit with LED display

High precision electronic thermostat

24 hour shutdown timer

Parental Control function

Dust and moisture protection class IP24

Two types of installation: wall-mounted (bracket included) and floor-mounted (chassis included)

Built-in overheating protection

Wide power range: 1000, 1500, 2000 W

Warranty - 3 years

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