Radiator Electrolux Air Gate 2-1000EF

Radiator Electrolux Air Gate 2-1000EF

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Heating technology

The fastest and most quiet space heating is achieved by the powerful SX-DOUS heating element. Thanks to the new design of the trapezoidal hull, its length is increased by 10%. This solution, in turn, made it possible to increase the heat transfer area. The new generation heating element has a monolithic structure. It is cast from a special aluminum alloy and processed using the Speed ​​Boost technology, acquiring a "shell" surface that provides maximum contact area with the heated air.


The service life of the SX-DUOS heating element is at least 25 years, which is an almost unprecedented indicator for the domestic heating equipment market.

The uninterrupted operation of the device is also guaranteed by the built-in thermal protection system, which eliminates the possibility of overheating by switching off the convector when the maximum permissible operating temperature is reached.

High reliability of the Air Gate 2 series devices is achieved not only through the use of advanced technologies, but also through the use of high-quality components that have passed 100% multi-stage control at all stages of production in laboratory and factory conditions.


High efficiency of convectors of the Air Gate 2 series is ensured by the use of a monolithic heating element SX-DUOS and the presence of high-precision thermostats.

The efficiency (efficiency) of the Air Gate 2 series convectors is one of the highest on the electric heaters market - it is more than 97%. Significant energy savings are also achieved through the use of modern HFT E / M thermostats, which maintain the user-set temperature in the room with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C, helping to avoid large fluctuations.

Guaranteed security

Convectors of the Air Gate 2 series comply with international and Russian standards, which is confirmed by test reports. The protection class of the device IP24 means that small objects and splashes of water will not get inside the case, and the device can be installed in rooms with high humidity levels.

New technologies make the devices absolutely safe even for the smallest users. The improved technology of the convective flow of heated air made it possible to reduce the temperature of the case: on the front surface it is only 50 ° C.

Integrated air purification

One of the main features of the Air Gate series convectors is the patented air purification system, which has been improved in the new generation of devices. The Air Gate 2 series models are equipped with the improved Air Gate BIO filtration system.

The main filter of a new type, in addition to preliminary cleaning from dust, completely neutralizes bacteria, reducing their activity and providing an antiseptic effect. The charcoal filter absorbs unpleasant odors, including the smell of tobacco smoke. A catechin filter based on natural plant components neutralizes viruses and bacteria. Finally, a filter with biologically active vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system.


Air Gate Bio air purification technology with Bio Filter System

Monolithic heating element "X-DUOS" with a service life of 25 years. Patented.

Removable control box

The heating element of the new generation "X-DUOS" allows to increase the heat transfer surface area by 25%

Aerodynamic body design

Intelligent control unit with LED display

Double heating power: full and half

Max. power consumption - 1.0 kW

Effective for rooms up to 15 m²

Power on indication - Yes

Product weight and dimensions

Product weight (net) - 4.18 kg

Height of goods - 0.413 m

Overall dimensions of the product (H * W * D) - 0.404 * 0.64 * 0.112 m

Depth of goods - 0.112 m

Item width - 0.64 m

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