Pre-filter Gross 20" with polypropylene module

Pre-filter Gross 20" with polypropylene module

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Pre-filter: Gross 20'' with polypropylene module

Aquaphor Gross 20 is a pre-filter housing with a polypropylene module for cold water.

Effectively removing sand, rust, suspension and other impurities, Aquaphor Gross 20" facilitates the operation of a drinking water filter, protects household appliances from damage, and makes bathing or showering more enjoyable.

The case of Aquaphor Gross 20" is made of glass-filled plastic, withstands high pressure and is equipped with a convenient swivel bracket.

It can be equipped with replaceable modules of the BigBlue20 standard. The replacement of the filter module is greatly simplified by the quick-release fastener.

  • For cold water - yes
  • For hot water - no
  • Body material - plastic
  • Maximum pressure, MPa/bar - 0.63/6.5
  • Replacement of filter elements - water consumption is determined by the module used
  • Filtration rate, l/min - up to 60


  • Complete housing, 1 pc.
  • Replacement module EFG 112/508  5 µm, 1 pc.
  • Quick coupling, 1 pc.
  • Bracket, 1 pc.
  • Plastic key, 1 pc.

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