Filter Jug Compact B25

Filter Jug Compact B25

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We support your aspiration for the ultimate mobility with our new launch - Aquaphor Compact water filter jug. With its removable handle and concise shape, Compact can serve a guarding companion if you are a frequent traveller and the world is your home. The replacement filter irreversibly reduces harmful substances from the city water.

Compact is equipped with the Aquaphor B25 replacement filter and reduces chlorine, rust, lead and other contaminants found in tap. The Aquaphor B25 suits classic jugs of other brands made in the EU or the US. All parts of the product are produced of food-grade materials and are BPA-free.

                                                                    200 L - Filter life                                    2.4 L (10 cups) - Pitcher Capacity

                                                                                            Compact B25 product suits

A small family

Water filter pitchers or faucet filters fit those who live alone or in a small family, when drinking water consumption is low.

The product represents the easiest way to significantly improve the quality of tap water in cases when it is consumed in small quantities. Also, when it is impossible to install an under-counter system.

This basic solution works well when the quality of input water is relatively high, bacterial contamination is unlikely to occur and tap water does not contain much mechanical impurities.

A compact kitchen

This filter meets the needs of those looking for a most space-saving design of an appliance. Within its category, this solution will help you to fit within very limited space.

Some models do not require direct under-the-sink placement and can be placed in nonconventional spots, together with the whole-house pre-filters.

Rented or temporary housing

Tenants looking for no-installation water filtration solutions. Here they are!

This product will help to immediately improve the quality of drinking water at any new place. It will eliminate unwanted odor and taste and make home food and drinks better no matter where you currently live.

Water pitchers do not require any installation but take some time to filter water.

Faucet filters provide deeper purification. They also have a longer lifespan, filter more water and provide clean water faster.

Road trips and frequent travellers

Good source of drinking water on vacations, road trips or camping.

When using water from an unknown source, remember to boil it after filtration.

Versatile protection from waterborne threats

Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, rust, phenols.

Features and equipment


  • Lid
  • Flip-top
  • Pitcher Capacity - 2.4 L (10 cups)
  • Filter life , L - 200


  • Replacement filter cartridge B25 - 1pc
  • Jug - 1pc
  • Funnel - 1pc

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