Electric fireplace Electrolux EFP/W-2000S mirror

Electric fireplace Electrolux EFP/W-2000S mirror

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Collection "Modern"

All models of modern wall-mounted electric fireplaces are equipped with the latest flame effect system based on advanced LED technologies, which not only creates the effect of absolute realism, but also gives the device many years of flawless operation.

Maximum comfort concept

The fireplace can be controlled both with the help of the control panel on the body of the device, and from any convenient place in the room thanks to the remote control.

Ultra-Slim body

The entire line of Electrolux wall-mounted fireplaces is made in an ultra-thin case, which allows them to organically fit into any interior.

Latest generation LED technology

All Electrolux wall-mounted fireplaces are equipped with the innovative RFP flame effect system, which makes the flame look even more realistic.

2 types of decorative fuel

The option of changing the decorative fuel elements (stones or wood) will help to give the fireplace a look that suits your mood every time.

The sound of crackling firewood

All models in the collection are equipped with an RS sound module, thanks to which you can enjoy the realistic crackle of firewood, just like in a real fireplace.

Economical use

Thanks to the latest generation technologies, the lifespan of the fireplace is increased by 25 times, and the level of energy consumption is kept at an extremely low level.

Wide range of colored panels

The color palette of modern electric fireplaces has been replenished with bright colors. Now, in addition to the classic black model, Electrolux offers electric fireplaces in three unique colors - white, red and orange.

High impact toughened glass

All models are made of high-strength glass that can withstand moderate impacts. Even if the surface of the device is subjected to strong impacts, although this can be done only with a strong desire, the glass will split into small parts that cannot be injured.


• Innovative flame effect Real Fire Perfect

• Front panel material - Mirror with increased reflectivity

• Heating power 2000/1000 W

• Can be used without heating (flame effect only)

• Ultra wide model

• Overheat protection

• Advanced functionality

• Consumption in the "flame effect" mode only 10W

• Fuel type - stones

• Adjusting the brightness of the flame

• High level of security

• Two modes of heating remote control

Weight, kg 18
Power, W 2000/1000
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 900x560x107
Remote control +
Power (simulation mode), W 10
The sound of crackling firewood +

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