Ventilation unit STAR EPVS 200 Electrolux

Ventilation unit STAR EPVS 200 Electrolux

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The STAR air handling unit is a compact recuperative device designed for supplying, cleaning and removing exhaust air to small rooms. Air heating and humidification is carried out without additional energy consumption. This happens due to a plate-type membrane-type recuperator, which, extracting heat and moisture from the recovered air, transfers them to the incoming air from the street. The installation of the unit can be carried out directly in the manned room and in a false ceiling.


As standard, the units are equipped with supply and exhaust fans, supply and exhaust filters, plate heat exchanger and an automatic control system with a remote control. An innovative type of recuperator allows heating and humidifying the supply air, while a special recuperator membrane transfers only water molecules from the extract air, leaving all impurities in it.

The fans of the units are equipped with high-efficiency impellers with forward curved blades and asynchronous motors. Sealed ball bearings in motors are maintenance-free and provide extended service life. Fan motors are protected by built-in thermal contacts with automatic restart at 125 ° C.

The unit has two fan speeds, the ability to control an external electric heater (supplied separately) and an electronic freeze protection of the recuperator.

If there is an extended network of air ducts, additional back-up fans (supplied separately) are sequentially installed in the supply and (or) extract air ducts.

The unit is designed for direct mounting to circular air ducts.

Distinctive features

  • Built-in automation system
  • Self-diagnosis of errors
  • Programmable LCD remote control included
  • The function of programming the weekly operating schedule of the unit
  • Recuperator efficiency up to 85-90% at maximum air flow
  • Filtration degree EU5
  • Filter contamination monitoring by operating time with a variable parameter
  • Uninterrupted operation without freezing at temperatures down to -15 ° С
  • Two modes of operation at temperatures below -15 ° C:
  • automatic defrosting mode of the recuperator
  • frost prevention mode with connection of an external electric heater


The air handling unit is supplied ready for connection. The unit is mounted horizontally in the ceiling space. During installation, it is necessary to provide access for servicing the units.

Not allowed:

use for conveying air containing "heavy" dust, flour, etc.

to be installed in explosion and fire hazardous premises and for transporting air containing vapors of flammable substances.


Clean the filter regularly depending on how dirty it is, especially in May-June during flowering. During this period, it may be necessary to clean the filter 2 or more times a month.

Do not use solvents or metal brushes to clean the filters and recuperator. Use a soft brush to remove dust.

The reliability of electrical connections is checked at least once a year.

Warranty - 24 months