Towel Warmer LATTE 530x1260/500-1/2" C13

Towel Warmer LATTE 530x1260/500-1/2" C13

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In the set : 

  • Holder-4pc
  • Plug-1pc
  • Air vent-1pc

Technical information:

  • Manifold center: 500mm
  • Hight: 1260mm
  • Width: 530mm
  • Weight: 11,6kg
  • Water content: 4,3L
  • Output: 450W

TERMINUS towel rail advantages

  • Largest towel warmer production in Eastern Europe
  • 30-year service life
  • robot laser welding (rodomach360)
  • laser angle welding
  • resistance welding

Laser welding makes it possible

  • penetration over the entire wall thickness (coefficient = 1)
  • maximum strength and tightness
  • resistance to hydraulic shock (200 atm)
  • aesthetics of the seam
  • absolutely symmetrical
  • 304L stainless steel does not corrode or oxidize.

Polishing the reflecting surface with plasma that is not dull throughout its life

Factory warranty 10 years, the time for submitting a claim to the seller is 2 years

NB! To prevent electrical corrosion, the heated towel warmer must be grounded.


Towel dryers are installed in the heating system and in the circulation system of consumer water. Oxygenated water circulates in the drinking water systems, therefore only towel warmers made of copper, brass or stainless steel should be used in the drinking water systems.

Heated towel rails made of high quality stainless steel will last almost forever. They are more resistant to mechanical stress than those made of copper or brass. Since the heated towel rails are polished and have no additional coatings, chrome or paint will not wear off. Therefore, they can maintain their appearance throughout the entire period of operation. If, during operation, small scratches appear or the shine disappears, a polishing paste and a soft cloth are enough to restore the appearance.

The only problem that can arise with stainless steel heated towel rails is electrical corrosion. Stainless steel is normally insensitive to oxygen, but oxygen, coupled with stray currents, forms what is known as electrocorrosion. The reasons may be different - this may be due to the grounding of electrical appliances to the consumer water system, the use of magnetic filters, chemical impurities in the water, etc.

A person is not able to eliminate the stray current, but the problem can be solved by ordinary grounding. Grounding removes stray currents and solves the problem 100%.

For a stainless steel heated towel rail, grounding is mandatory to avoid problems associated with electrical corrosion!

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