Air dehumidifier Electrolux EDH-15L -18m2

Air dehumidifier Electrolux EDH-15L -18m2

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Household dehumidifier Electrolux EDH-15L is designed to eliminate excess humidity in rooms. 4 operating modes, a powerful heat exchanger and a high air exchange rate allow you to reduce the humidity level in the room quickly and efficiently. The performance of the device allows you to remove 15 liters of moisture per day, which is optimal for rooms up to 18 m².

Thanks to the built-in hygrometer, you can control the humidity level as accurately as possible:

in Auto mode - the device operates depending on the set target humidity level - 55% (this indicator is considered optimal for a person) - i.e. activates the dehumidification mode, if the humidity level exceeds this threshold, and the ventilation mode, if the current value is at or below the level;

in Normal mode, you can set the desired humidity level in the range from 30% to 80%, and the device will automatically adjust the operating parameters to achieve the target values ​​as quickly as possible;

in clothes drying mode, the appliance operates at the highest speed and allows you to dry the maximum amount of laundry in a short period of time.


The model is distinguished by its elegant design, compact size, functionality, low noise level and has a number of additional settings and functions that greatly simplify use and significantly save energy:

24-hour timer that allows you to adjust the operating time of the device depending on your needs;

An automatic shutdown function and a tank full indicator with condensate controls the water level in the tank and avoids leaks and damage to floor coverings;

There are two ways to drain condensate - into the tank or into the drain using a drain hose;

The control panel lock function allows you to use the device in rooms where there are children and not worry about an accidental failure in the settings.

  • Warranty period - 2 years
  • Body color - White
  • Capacity (internal volume) - 2.5 L
  • Series - HOME PRO


Effective for indoor use. up to 20 m2

Scope - Home appliances (for home use)


Max. power consumption - 0.22 kW

Max. productivity l / day - 15 l / day


The number of dehumidification modes - 4


Air ionization function - No

Air aromatization function - No

Protection and safety

Self-diagnosis system of malfunction - Yes

Strong Tilting or Rollover Safety Shutdown - No

Automatic shutdown when the tank is filled with condensate - Yes

Dust and moisture protection class - IPX0

Leakage protection - Yes


Power supply voltage - 220 - 240

Placement Option - Vertical

Mains cable with plug - Yes

Product weight and dimensions

Product weight (net) - 10.5 kg

Overall dimensions of the product (H * W * D) - 0.46 * 0.29 * 0.24 m


Washable Air Filter Included - Yes

Remote control included - No

Antibacterial filter included - No


On timer - Yes

Real Time Setting - No

Shutdown Timer - Yes

Built-in hygrostat - Yes

Adjusting the value of relative humidity - Yes

Control type - Electronic


Tank full indication - Yes

Indication of relative humidity (near the device) - Yes

Digital Display - Yes

Power on indication - Yes

Display Backlight - Yes

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