Gas fan heater Ballu BHG-20M

Gas fan heater Ballu BHG-20M

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Professional BHG-M series gas heat generators are unique development for directed heating of premises and surfaces. The specially developed control unit allows you to carry and start the fan heater with one hand.

The ultra-compact dimensions and light weight make the BHG-M fan heater the most mobile in its class.

Thanks to the installed multi-level protection automatics, the fan heater switches off when the fuel reserves are out and closes the gas supply in case of flame extinction or overheating.


Powerful flow – directed hot air

Smooth power – smooth power adjustment allows you to conveniently control the fuel supply to achieve the desired operating mode

Burner special development – developed jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Mechanics named after M.T. Kalashnikov

High efficiency – thanks to the low power consumption (from 32W) and optimal design, the efficiency of Ballu gas fan heaters is close to 100%

3 protection levels – Ballu gas fan heaters are completely safe thanks to the three-level protection system:

  • Overheating procetion
  • Gas leakage protection
  • Gas extinction protection

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