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Crystal is a reliable sorption filter that provides basic water purification for drinking and cooking, while softening the moderately hard water.

The system deeply purifies tap water from a wide range of dangerous contaminants: chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum products, and other common toxins and allergens. Three CarbFiber block modules are manufactured using Aqualen™ — the patented ion-exchange fiber. Therefore the contact area of ​​water and sorbents is 42 times higher than that of granular сarbon filters, while the filtration rate is four times higher.

The softening cartridge KH contains ion-exchange resin and can be regenerated multiple times using salt. We recommend using softening sorption filters when water is moderately hard (limescale builds in 10-14 days). For highly mineralized water the RO filter is the best option.

6000 L - Filter life                        2.5 L/min  - Filtration rate

Deep purification

Three filtration stages provide both softening and purification down to 0.8 microns. The filter removes harmful substances commonly found in city tap water.

Crystal H reduces chlorine and its annoying odour, filters out sediment and other visible contaminants for cleaner, clearer water. It protects from many health threatening impurities like organic compounds, pesticides, lead, and other heavy metals.

Scale reduction
The model features an ion-exchange softening module. The fully loaded resin in module KH can be regenerated up to 4 times and is easy to do at home.

It is important tpo know, that softening modules should be applied for moderately hard water (scale builds up in a week or two). For hard water (scale forms in 2-3 days), reverse osmosis filters are the optimal cost-effective choice.

Unlimited access to fresh drinking water
Get clean water fast: 2 litres of freshly filtered water per minute arrive directly from the tap. So with up to 6 000 litres filter set capacity, you will have plenty to keep a you hydrated.

Versatile protection from waterborne threats
Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, rust, phenols, hard water minerals.

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