FAVORITE stainless steel filter

FAVORITE stainless steel filter

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Durable flow filter in a steel case with an extended life of the replaceable module.

A versatile and reliable in-line filter for soft water that will last for decades. The steel body will not leak and will withstand frequent pressure drops in the water supply. The impressive resource of the modules will provide clean drinking water for a really long time even with active consumption.

Long-term cleaning is provided by two carbon blocks with a special coaxial structure and gradient porosity. The external replaceable module has a high dirt holding capacity, it retains large particles of rust, silt and sand. The inner one has a porosity of less than one micron, which means that it will not even let in a paint pigment or a particle of tobacco smoke and plant pollen. The design allows the module to serve longer, while maintaining the high quality of water purification throughout the resource.

The favorite is designed for increased water consumption, it is suitable for a large family, as well as for an office, kindergarten or medical institution.

Stainless steel body
The guaranteed service life of the filter is 10 years. Once you install it, you can close the issue of clean drinking water for many years.
The elegant steel case will fit into the design of a modern kitchen or office, and will protect them, withstanding pressure up to 20 atmospheres. The Favorit body is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.

Convenient installation in hard-to-reach places
Favorite can be installed anywhere, since its body does not require fixing directly under the sink.

Huge resource and high filtration rate
Favorite is suitable for a large family and can be used for the needs of a cafe. It filters water at a rate of 150 liters per hour, and the filter life is 12,000 liters of drinking water.
The replacement module B150 (deep water purification) will require replacement every 18 months. It must be changed after this period, even if the resource still remains.

  • Filtration rate - 2.5 l/min
  • For soft water - yes
  • Protection against bacteria - standard
  • Resource - 12 000 l
  • Pressure in the water supply - no more than 6.5 atm
  • Water is cold
  • Weight - 3.9 kg

Complete housing, 1 pc.
Replacement module B150, 1 pc.
Adapter G1/2, 1 pc.
Gasket 3 mm, 1 pc.
Faucet for clean water, 1 pc.
Connecting tube, 1 pc.
Connecting tube with conical sleeve, 1 pc.

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